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Welcome to Painting Service of Pittsburgh, where we go above and beyond to always ensure that your home looks as good as it deserves to look. We offer only the best quality of products to back the statement that we are the best. So if you need painting services of any kind then take a look around at some of our offerings and see what suits your needs best. If it is painting that you are after, then we are the right fit for you.

About Us

We are based in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh and are the best painting specialists in the area. We have been doing this for many years, so you can rest assured that when you make the informed decision to work with us, that you are making the best decision for your home. Whether your needs are interior or exterior, we have got you covered with all of your painting needs. So look no further than right here if you want the best job possible.

Our Services

When it comes to painting, we offer every service that you could possibly think of, whether that be for inside your home or outside. We also offer our services to the commercial market because we believe that everyone deserves to benefit from the quality of work that we do. So take a look around and get a better feel for some of the services that we offer. If it has to do with painting, then we are the right company for all of your needs.

man wearing blue cap painting the wall edge

Interior Painting

Your home is important and it should be treated as such. This is why we believe that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards improving your overall quality of living around your home. So if you feel that your home and your family could benefit from a change around the home in the form of some beautiful new walls, then get in touch with us so that we can make that happen.

man painting the wall using brush

Exterior Painting

The outside of your home is the first point of access that anyone sees, and by correlation, is a direct impression on you and the home that you keep. External factors like the weather take a toll on the exterior of your home over the years which is why every so often it is good to spruce up the old paint job. So if you are in the market for a new feel for the outside of your home, then a good coat of paint will do the trick.

facade worker plastering external wall of building


When people approach your business for the first time, they must get a good opinion from the go of your company and the values that it holds. We believe that keeping your building in tip-top condition starts with a good paint job. Not only do the potential clients appreciate it, but your staff as well, as they can take pride in arriving at a beautiful building every day. So get in touch with us to get a quote.

someone staining the wooden deck

Clear Coating and Staining

When deciding what type of paint to use in whichever space you are considering, you must have a good understanding of what the different types of paint can do for the appearance of your home or workspace. Clear coating and staining for example offer many benefits which one of our specialists can discuss with you in further detail. So reach out to us to find out more about whether or not these methods are what will serve your needs best.

a newly paint kitchen room

Cabinet Refinishing

If you are renovating your kitchen, then chances are that you are currently being inundated with options that all seem very overwhelming. If you work with us, then you get access to a wealth of knowledge that can help you make informed decisions about what you need. Your kitchen deserves to be a place of enjoyment, so if you are in the market to refinish your old kitchen cabinets, then give us a call so that we can discuss the options available to you.

man on the ladder painting the interior wall

Faux Finishing

If you want to get a bit creative and look outside the box for your painting needs then perhaps faux finishing is the right option for you to consider. We have many different techniques that we offer which all contribute towards a paint job that is set apart from the rest. So if this sounds like a service that you need in your home, then contact us to find out more about the different options available to you.


So as you can see, we offer all the painting-related services that you could possibly want. Making these decisions can be difficult, which is why we feel that it is best if you contact us so that we can give you a better understanding of how we can help you. So give us that call and talk to one of our friendly consultants. Or send us that email detailing your needs so that we can understand what you want and approach the project accordingly.

“My family and I have a very beautiful home, or should I say from the outside at least. Over the years the interior paint had degraded to the point of being a source of embarrassment when we had people over. I finally decided that the time was right to paint, and I can safely say that none of us have ever been happier with how the inside of our home looks. I would recommend the guys at Painting Service of Pittsburgh for any painting needs that people have.” - Spencer J

"Life can get extremely busy sometimes which can lead towards me not getting everything done that needs to be done. My business has been thriving during these difficult times, but our offices surely didn't look like it. I decided to have the whole exterior and interior painted with a fresh coat. As funny as it sounds, it feels as if it even helped to increase productivity around the office. I am now also happy that new clients have a good first impression of my company. Thanks, Guys." - Michael D

“When I had my home renovated, the kitchen was quite a source of controversy in my home because my husband and I simply couldn’t agree on how to renovate the cabinets. I contacted the guys at Painting Service of Pittsburgh and they advised us on a few of the options that would suit our space the best. We had our cabinets refinished and we have never been happier with our kitchen than we are now. We are very thankful for the expert advice that we received” - Samantha L