Commercial Painting

Your business matters. This is why you should always put your best foot forward in every aspect of your commercial practices. The appearance of your building is no different and should be treated as the first point of entry for all new prospective clients. It is for this very reason that the quality of your paint job is important because surely you wouldn't want potential clients to see an old rundown, cracked, and chipped building. So if your commercial space needs some sprucing up with some fresh paintwork, then contact us so that we can get your building looking as good as new. 

The Signs

Many commercial business owners tend to forget that the exterior look of the building is part of the maintenance that keeps your building in good condition. So when is the right time to have the building repainted? We believe there are a few signs that indicate that the time is right. One of those being grime or visible dirt on the building. Over time, all paint begins to fade as well and a faded paint job is not a good look for your company. Chipped paint, cracking, or peeling is the most obvious sign that it might be time to paint, or at the very least, paint before mildew and mold appear. 

Your Environment

When it comes to running a successful business, most people would agree that if you want your clients to be happy, then you need to keep your employees happy. The mind-state of your employees is important because you always want them to be their best selves when dealing with clients. A new paint job can bring some life back into the office without your employees even knowing it, because subconsciously when you get out of your car and look at your bright and beautiful workspace, you are automatically in a better frame of mind than when you look at an old rundown workspace. 


One of the major things to consider when deciding which color you want your building to be is your brand. When people look at your building, seeing a color that represents your brand immediately puts prospective clients more at ease. You want people to look at your building and see colors that let them know exactly which company they are looking at without even seeing the signs. That really makes a statement and creates brand awareness. So if you would like to incorporate your companies color scheme into your building, then contact us so that we can bounce some fresh ideas off you. 

The competition

Running a business means that you always have one eye on the competition to see how you can beat them. That is exactly how it should be because that keeps you on your toes. First impressions of your company matter because that is the potentially lasting impression that people will take away from their interaction with you and your company. This is why you always have to stay ahead of the pack and give your business the edge that it deserves. What better way to do that than with a beautiful fresh coat of paint. So contact us for a quote so that we can set your business apart from the rest.

worker wearing full suit painting the metal stair
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