Faux Finishing

When it comes to having your home or workspace painted, it is of great value to utilize professional services so that you have access to the array of talents that professional services like us have. Painting isn't always as simple as putting a roller in a bucket of paint and slapping it on the wall. There are various techniques to consider which will all result in a different type of textured finish. These types of techniques that we have mastered are what really sets us apart from the trailing pack. So if you need faux finishing, then reach out to us to find out more. 

Different Techniques

When painting any space in your home or offices, it is important to remember to have fun with it because painting doesn’t have to be a drab and dreary exercise. Instead, you should consider the different techniques available in order to achieve different results in different areas of your home. There are many options to consider which all have different benefits in terms of the effect it has on a specific area of your home. So get in touch with one of our specialists who will be able to run you through some of the different techniques that we specialize in. 


One of the most common and relatively basic techniques that we offer is sponging. With the use of a natural sea sponge, some glaze, and a few different colors of paint, a beautiful blend can be created which offers plenty of visual texture. This process can be applied in any space whether that be the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. If this is the type of finish that you are looking to achieve then get in touch with us and we can discuss which colors blend together the best to deliver the exact tone and finish that you are looking for. 

Marble Finish

As with all the different painting techniques available, there are varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to the different textures that you want to achieve. For example, if you want a marble finish, that is a beautiful choice, but the job will need to be done professionally by people who understand the technique because it is actually quite difficult to get it exactly right. The process involves applying thinly tinted layers of glaze over the original base coat which results in a marble finish. Luckily for you, if this is what you are after, we have the skills and knowledge to get it done perfectly. 

The Aesthetic Edge

There are so many different options to consider when looking at the different types of faux finishing that are available. However, they all end up achieving the same result in that it gives you the aesthetic edge over a traditionally painted wall. Faux finishing allows you to achieve different depths and dimensions in a space that potentially lacked it before. So get in touch with us to learn more about the other options available to you, so that you can give your walls that edge that it deserves. Whatever option you end up choosing, we promise you that your walls will no longer be drab and dreary.

young worker painting wall indoors
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